Tips for Boarding Your Furbaby

Tips for Boarding Your Furbaby

Although you may want to bring your dog with you when you travel, there are just some cases where doing so is impossible. If your friends or relatives can’t take care of them, it would be best to bring your precious pet to a boarding facility.

Before doing so, though, be aware that boarding facilities may differ in the services and accommodations they offer. As the best dog daycare in Watchung, New Jersey, we have listed down tips that can help you choose the right facility for your dog:

  • Look for referrals.
    Get in touch with pet owners you are acquainted with and ask about their experiences with dog boarding facilities. You can also ask vets or providers of dog daycare service for advice.
  • Visit potential facilities.
    Have you finished listing down potential facilities? It’s now time to visit them personally. Learn if someone is around 24/7 and meet their staff members to see how well they can care for your dog. You should also examine the facilities for cleanliness and the size of the enclosures.
  • Learn the hours.
    Know when the facility is open and when your dog can get picked up. Doing this can save you the hassle of making a trip to the facility only to find out it’s still closed.

Planning on putting your dog in a boarding facility while you travel? Choosing In My Paws would be a good idea! Contact us to learn more about our dog boarding and dog grooming in New Jersey today.

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