Things Groomers Wish You Would Do

Things Groomers Wish You Would Do

It is both yours and your groomers’ goal to make the grooming experience fun and safe for your dog. After all, grooming is about amplifying your pet’s health and wellness. This why our expert groomers here at your best dog daycare in Watchung, New Jersey listed down a few things you can do as pet owners to make grooming a more convenient and satisfying experience for you and your dog. Here are a few suggestions our groomers would want you to do:

  • Always be specific as much as possible – Groomers indeed work with many dogs all the time. And, each dog owner wishes a slightly different outcome that fits either theirs or their dog’s personality and preference. So, we suggest that you be specific as much as possible with our groomers. If you find it hard to describe, try bringing a picture to show to our groomer.
  • Try and listen to your groomer – Everyone should acknowledge that the qualified groomers, like our professionals, have gone through intensive training. This means that the groomers possess excellent ideas of what kind of cuts will look greatest on which canines.
  • Never be afraid to wash – There are a lot of pet owners that are concerned that if they wash their pet’s fur too frequently, it will begin to dry out their dog’s skin. In fact, this is not a dilemma as long as you choose the appropriate shampoo. If you are not sure which shampoo to go with, ask our groomers for professional advice in our dog daycare service.

These are among the many things our groomers suggest that you do to make sure that we partner in bringing out the best for your pet. In My Paws have the complete services, like dog grooming in New Jersey, for your dogs to achieve and maintain their full health and wellness.

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