How Often Should You Brush Your Dog?

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog?

Brushing and combing your furry pal’s coat are vital parts of pet care. Brushing keeps their coat in good condition by preventing hair knots and getting rid of loose hair. It also promotes a shiny coat. Another plus is that it helps strengthen your bond with your dog.

Now, you may wonder how often your furbaby should be brushed. Well, as any dog daycare service provider would tell you, this will depend on your dog. Factors like coat type and length, as well as their recent activities, should be taken into consideration.

Here is a general guide from the best dog daycare in Watchung, New Jersey:

  • Short, Dense Furred Dogs

    These dogs (e.g., Huskies) can typically be brushed once a week or fortnightly.

  • Smooth, Short-Coated Dogs

    We recommend brushing these dogs (e.g., Kelpies) once every few weeks to take out loose hair.

  • Double-Coated or Long-Coated Dogs

    Generally, these dogs (e.g., Border Collies) should be brushed weekly to remove tangles and prevent mats.

  • Puppies

    As a pet owner, you need to be patient in training your puppy to feel comfortable about being brushed in different parts of their body. This can also help ready them for physical exams.

While it’s good to brush your dog by yourself, it’s best to let the professionals groom them every now and then. If you’re looking for dog grooming in New Jersey, choose In My Paws!

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